Updated November 2020

The following list of safety protocols have been in place since our reopening in May:

  1. Temperature checks and appropriate COVID-19 screening questions for all staff and patients
  2. Limited use of our waiting room
  3. Deep sanitation of all our frames on a regular basis and between any patient who may try on frames
  4. EPA approved cleaning supplies are used throughout the day
  5. Glass barriers installed on our reception desk
  6. Plastic barriers in the examination room on the equipment
  7. Full-time mask use in the office for both staff and patients
  8. Dr. Fure and Dr. Allen wear gloves during the examination
  9. Curb-side service for glasses and contacts

New safety protocols

  1. We finally were able to procure N95 masks in October!
  2. We invested in three medical-grade air filtration system units for the examination rooms.  The units can purify a high volume of air in an efficient manner—including bacteria, mold and viruses.   The company, Surgically Clean Air, has sold many thousands of units to dental offices, medical offices, medical labs, and schools in the last six months.  The most impressive feature is that they are able to purify the full volume air in an exam room in less than three minutes.  See the company’s website for more information.
  3. We are using a hypochlorous acid electrostatic sprayer.  This environmentally-friendly sterilization tool gives us the ability to clean a larger area of the office in a shorter amount of time.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your health is our top priority.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the safety protocols we have in place.  

Be well and safe,

Helen Fure, OD